MPRB Statute Available

23, Sep 2021






Setting Peer Review Instruments and Goals for Medical/Health Education (SPRING)






  1. Preamble


  1. The Multinational Peer Review Board, further referred as “MPRB” or “Board” is pivotal both for successful implementation of all project components and ensuring long-term sustainability after the project is gone. The board will be composed of distinguished experts in administrative and academic affairs of medical education as well as the gross field (basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, public health and social sciences, rehabilitation and paramedical disciplines, etc.) academicians. The board will serve as an intellectual and professional resource center and main steering body of the project and its respective after-project subsidiaries (PRIMED-ECCA, PRAMED-ECCA. See the Annex 1: The Project Description.).


  1. The board will operate based on provisions of this statute (developed on consensual agreement among participating institutions). The statute outlines a principle of board membership rotation and equal representation of participating institutions, so that continuous influx of “fresh blood” and preservation of “institutional memory” are equally ensured. 2 board meetings a year with the rotation of the venue (host) country will ensure equal exposure dose of the board to all beneficiary countries and institutions.



  1. Nomination of MPRB members


  1. Each country will nominate 1 board member except Georgia which will nominate 2 members (because there are 4 Georgian universities in the project) - totally 8 members. To ensure the odd number of members, project’s manager from BAU IUB will be the permanent member, as well as the representatives of the program country universities (1 board member from each program country univesity). The rest of board members will rotate in the middle of the second project year, so that all partner country universities are represented in the board.


  1. The board will draft and approve its statute.



  1. Quorum


  1. The quorum essential for legitimate operation of the board meeting is 2/3 of the board members.



  1. Election and rotation of MPRB chairperson


  1. The chairperson of the board will be elected once for each half (18 months) of the project time as defined by the statute. The chairperson can be nominated by any board member. The candidate is voted through secret ballot. The candidate, who receives more than 50% of board members present at the meeting should be approved as a chairperson.


  1. The board will also develop a work-plan and a schedule for 2 meetings annually.




  1. Board decisions


  1. All decision are made through open voting procedure by the support of simple majority (over 50%) of board members present at the board meeting.



  1. Board meetings
    1. 1-day meetings will be held in each participating country except Bulgaria, since it will host one of three annual conferences. The project staff in a host country will perform secretarial and other technical roles. Until the international travel restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic are in force, the board meetings will be held online.



  1. Other provisions


  1. The project will ensure that board meetings as well as board members are duly featured in local and Internet media.


  1. By the end of each project year, a 2-day annual conference will be held in Sofia, Dushanbe and Batumi. It will gather board members, wider representation of participant universities and other key stakeholders. The conference will also serve the goals of gaining wider publicity on benefits of peer review and successes of the project.


  1. The board will complete its operations by the end of the project.