Peer Review Board

In February, 2020, the project assembled MPRB (Multinational Peer Review Board). This task was particularly important for ensuring the objectiveness of decisions made to reflect this force majeure. P1 drafted the MPRB statute, which has been discussed and approved by the board. As soon as MPRB became fully functional, the first meeting was held in an online mode in March, 2020. The attention was paid to how to mitigate the pandemic related risks. The board decided, where possible, to shift to the e-methods of implementation, until the international travel restriction are imposed indefinitely in the concerned countries. These discussions have been high agenda until now. The following temporal modifications have been made for the activities requiring international travel: a. The project piloted the Peer Review Awareness Raising Seminar for the Georgian universities (as opposed to on-site). The piloted seminar proved to be successful. Nevertheless, the board allowed some more time for gathering the evidence on COVID-19 dynamics i.e. the approach was to judge, whether loosening restriction in the summer of 2020, will allow the other seminars on-site. In August, 2020 it became evident that second wave of pandemic will hit the countries concerned. Therefore, the seminars have been held for all partner countries remotely; b. All MPRB meetings have been conducted in an e-mode.