Capacity Building

The project identified the key academic/administrative personnel at each institution for participating in the peer review awareness seminars. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, this activity was somewhat delayed. Eventually, the board made a decision to conduct them online. There have been held 5 trainings (Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan). The trainings were led by the experts provided by P13 and P14. The number of participants (initially 30) of each training has been slightly greater since it did not involve any travel expenses. Each training was video recorded. There have been positive feedbacks from the participants in all instances.


The MPRB has also approved the format/content of peer reviewers’ training. There has been planned to hold 2 onsite trainings (in Bulgaria and Lithuania). Due to the prolonged pandemic restrictions, the trainings have been conducted in an online format. Similarly, the video recordings and minutes have been produced.