Sustainability and Dissemination

The project website has been developed soon after its start. It provides the information about: 1. The project (summary and description); 2. Activities (peer review board, capacity building, peer review missions, annual conferences, sustainability and dissemination); 3. Partner institutions; 4. News; 5. Photo and video gallery; 6. Contacts. There are no restrictions in the access for the project beneficiaries. The website maintenance is provided by the P1 team in cooperation with all partner universities. The website address has been made available to all partner institutions with the advise to share it with the relevant stakeholders and parties.


The following activities are aimed at disseminating the projet-produced outcomes:

  • Organizing and holding project’s annual conferences (has been delayed due to the COVID-19 restrictions).
  • Preparing grounds for establishing PRAMED-EECA. Holding inauguration ceremony in Sofia (in progress).
  • Preparing and publishing the PRIMED-EECA. Holding inauguration ceremony in Kaunas (in progress).
  • The project will elaborate a special dissemination strategy approved and monitored by MPRB (in progress).
  • Compact versions of project’s annual reports will be published and distributed among the key stakeholders (in progress).
  • The project will develop web and Facebook sites. We foresee (in progress).
  • The PRIMED-EECA will be distributed among the key stakeholders as well (in progress).
  • The dissemination symposium will be held (to be held within the third project year).


The partner institutions regularly feature the project events in their websites.